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Nanako Kume’s artwork will blow your mind…

With giant pencil sharpener shavings

Meet the Tokyo based Designer Nanako Kume and her incredible artwork,”Sharpener”.

The designer Nanako Kume makes stuning lampshades with giant pencil sharpener shavings, first had to craft a special oversized pencil sharpener to make her pendant light lampshades with its shavings.

Nanako Kume

“From a young age, I was fascinated by the shape and fragility of the shavings that are created when I sharpen a pencil.

I thought that by increasing the size and thickness of what must be discarded as waste, it would be possible to create new products while maintaining the beauty of the shape.
The species, color, and shape of the wood to be shaved affect the details, creating a unique look depending on the time of shaving”. Nanako said.

Courtesy of Nanako Kume


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