Together, inspiring and uplifting women in media


This virtual place is a source for all things on women’s empowerment. Around the world, women are raising up to become the major powers in our societies.

Much of that growth is inspired by our own investigation of the world around us, by our willingness to understand and see more culture, to explore and grow our independence.

Le Gist is a plataform dedicated to feed our curiosity and help us grow into stronger individuals. A resource for living a more healthy, balanced lifestyle and inspiration.

When scrolling through our pages, you will see that amongst our lifestyle stories and wellness tips, there are interviews with women entrepreneurs and women who are experts in their fields. These interviews touch on entrepreneurship, art, politics, and other current issues we can see in the world around us today and are meant to inspire readers.

Togetherness, inspiring and uplifting women in media, we are proud to present to you “Le Gist“.


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