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Intimacy by Celia de Luna.

We embark on the extraordinary world of Celia de Luna, a visual artist and photographer based in Miami.

When we crossing the boundaries of intimacy. The bond that is created with your partner, emotional intimacy, creates a deep sense of security, opening up to another person and being able to show you as you are.

Intimacy requires a person to accept the risk that the person with whom they are being intimate and that their venerability will not be used against them but instead will consistently be rewarded.

It’s about being open and talking through your thoughts and emotions, letting your guard down and looking for complicity.

The artist Celia de Luna, Throughout her creative process, accompanied by her partner, shows us a very interesting visual narrative and staging, with her vision of intimacy.

When I think of Intimacy, I think of something that is sacred.

Through Celia’s photographs, she transports us to her visual world influenced by Peruvian heritage and upbringing with ancestral knowledge still alive in rural areas and her colorful territory, reflected in its rich cultural and craft tradition of it. Celia empowers all women with each images, showing all the multiculturalism of her current hometown, Miami.

INTIMACY – Self-portrait series.

“When I think of Intimacy, I think of something that is sacred. I wanted to create a circle of flowers to depict the sacredness of my intimacy with my partner.

I am the most intimate with him so I asked him to be part of this shoot, I’m so happy he let me. I wanted us to wear tights to portray us almost like dancers, dancing in vulnerability, compassion, love and care. All the things that intimacy is for me”. – said Celia de Luna.

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Celia is a visual artist who specializes in fashion and
portrait photography. Born in Peru, she grew up immersed in the Andean
folklore and traditions of rural Peru, and moved to Miami as a
In 2021, her work was Featured in Vogue Latin America, article “Pulso
Creativo” with Latino creatives redefining the industry.

Photo courtesy Celia de Luna


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