Idoia Cuesta, Galicia, Spain in her studio working for Loewe.

Idoia Cuesta, the new path for crafts: Loewe, Zara Home…

Idoia Cuesta is a textile creator and contemporary basket maker for Loewe, Zara Home, Adolfo Dominguez.

Idoia’s family expected her to be a biologist, but fate seemed to have prepared something different for her

She made her true passion cross her path and after studying basketry and textile design, she discovered her true passion, now her work has crossed all the borders.

There are hardly any craftsman, workshops that continue to transmit ancestral knowledge, the costs of raw materials, the fast fashion focuses on speedy mass production instead of paying attention to details and the economy… It could be said that crafts are resurfacing thanks to large firms or at least it’s putting the focus on it.

Idoia Cuesta, mastering the craft.

Craftsmanship is partly or wholly a work hands, in which time does not count, but a resoult of something aunique, where quality prevails above all else, and for sure, its imprint will transcend the following generations, providing added value to each brand for being something authentic and special.

An this is something that brands know.

Fenedi, Dolce & Gavana, Dior, Sargadelos Adolfo Dominguez, Santoni Shoes , Heimat Atlantica, Estaños Pedraza.

alt= Zara Shop A Coruña Spain, artwork Idoia Cuesta
Zara Home, Spain – Artwork Idoia Cuesta.

Tradition and innovation.

Idoia Cuesta is a textile creator and contemporary basket maker.

Idoia Cuesta (Donostia, Basque Country, 1969) is an artist who combines basketry and textiles. Use artisan techniques and organic materials to create unique pieces that reflect the identity of the raw material. His creative process is inspired by the rural environment and his respect for the environment. Cuesta fuses art and artisan technique in all his works, and generates sensory pieces full of personality.

Idoia Cuesta, lives in Outeiro de Rei Galicia, Spain. It is there where her artisan basketry workshop is located and where she works for luxury firms like Loewe ,or the shops of Zara Home

Her beginnings were very different, “I wanted to do Fine Arts but they didn’t let me.” Then, she opted for biology, so while was doing research at the university she began, in parallel, with her training at the Lugo craft and design center.

And one day, by chance, I tried a basketry course and there, indeed, I felt another crush. When you find a way to express yourself, it’s wonderful.

When she had to decide what she would dedicate her time to, she was very clear: she wanted to be a basket weaver. First her training as a textile artisan and then she continued in basketry techniques: “Knowledge about plant species was what linked me with biology.”

This connection between textiles and basketry is something that has always characterized their collections. Six years ago she won the National Craft Award.

Idoia Cuesta artwork, Photograpy:


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