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Brigitte Tanaka: From Paris to the world.

Brigitte Tanaka, established by Brigitte Giraudi and Chieko Tanaka, is a dynamic duo of young designers situated in Paris.

Le Gist Magazine interviewed Brigitte Giraudi and Chieko Tanaka, Their creative approach involves transforming everyday objects inspired by the French lifestyle into fun and sophisticated fashion pieces.

How did you meet and did the idea of ​​working together come about?

We met when Tanaka was working as a sales assistant for another brand, Missbibi. We were united by our love for Paris Flea markets and vintage objects, which eventually led to the creation of our own brand, “Brigitte Tanaka“.

The brand began with unique designs made from antique materials, but soon expanded to include jewelry and accessories with a vintage feel.

And our embroidered organza bags became a huge hit, leading BT to focus solely on creating these eco-friendly tote bags.

What inspires you, what is your creative process like?

Brigitte Giraudi – I find inspiration in various forms of art, especially in nature. The colors and shapes that surround me constantly fascinate me. My mind is always in a creative mode, whether I’m working, sleeping, traveling, in love, or even staring at an excel sheet. I feel like I’m always creating something in some way!

Chieko Tanaka – Being a Japanese living in France, I see the contrast between Japan and France, between the old and the new, I find these differences intriguing and full of possibilities. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always enjoyed visiting pharmacies and stationery stores.

The packaging, displays, colors, and shapes have always caught my eye. For instance, instead of buying a wallet, I’ve always used an old rolled cigarette bag as a wallet. My design process involves changing my perspective on everyday objects.

The organza bags, recall the result of a wonderful mix of humor and homage to the traditional French lifestyle. What do you think humor brings to your works?

Brigitte Giraudi – Humor is definitely a key component in my work, but more importantly, I love the challenge of taking everyday objects and turning them into something unique and artistic. From Missbibi to BT to my ceramic creations, I enjoy infusing a sense of whimsy into my pieces.

Chieko Tanaka – Humor is a crucial element in my work. I’m convinced it can make challenging situations easier and shift your outlook on life towards the positive side.

What do you have planned for the future?
Any new projects you want to share with us?

Brigitte Giraudi – We have a lot of exciting plans for the future! One of my main goals is to focus on a specific theme and create a collection around it. I believe this will allow us to explore different design sources and come up with unique and innovative ideas.

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I’m working on a new project is a webshop called “Mypassportbag“. Here, you can order laptop bags in the shape of your own gigantic passport. It’s a fun and unique way to express your personal style while keeping your laptop safe.

Chieko Tanaka – Additionally, We are really looking forward to collaborating with people from various industries such as tea shops, opticians, and underwear shops. Working with individuals from different backgrounds always brings fresh inspiration to my designs.

I’m creating an art performance in Paris  mixing French & Japanese culture called “Rencontre au Jardin”. to show the traditionnel things as contemporary. (Any Parisian place of historical value can be seen as a stage)

Brigitte Tanaka Organza Bags.

These bags are a fusion of contemporary design and eco-friendly practices, bringing durability and artistry into our daily routines. Drawing inspiration from the vintage era, our embroidered bags offer a distinctive and sturdy option to conventional plastic bags. Portable and foldable, they are crafted in Paris and manufactured in India, with a focus on ethical production methods that adhere to social and environmental standard

Advantages: reduced resource consumption, longevity, circular economy, and promotion of human values through responsible and sustainable fashion.

Nylon was selected for its durability and adaptability to intricate embroideries, while organza was chosen for its lightweight, transparent, and tightly woven properties, replicating the airy feel of plastic in a more aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, and sustainable manner.


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