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Women are conquering their space: Mountaineering, hiking…

And they have come to stay!

The girls have proven to be legitimate adventurers. Showing their true strength by launching into these activities on their own. Mountaineering, hiking and trekking…

Here we recommend some resources to help you plan.

The benefits are endless!

When walking, the human body expends between 400 and 550 calories per hour and strengthen the body, the heart, the different unevenness of terrain, rock, ascents, it will strengthen all your muscles.

The mind calms down, being in contact with nature and breathing fresh air, without pollution or noise and without the daily distractions.

It is a good way to interact and meet other people, there is always a collaborative space and after eating there is a relaxed atmosphere. You will surely have interesting conversations and make friends for life.

alt= Illustration women hiking

Dress for different seasons.

Dress in layers, choose synthetic materials. For winter hiking will require more warm layers and insulated gear while hiking in the fall may mean dressing for cooler and wet conditions. For summer hiking, it’s really important to protect your skin from the hot sun.

Security is important:

Stay together and help each other: don’t leave your friend behind, don’t run ahead or take another path without telling anyone, okay? The group must stay together; always check if everyone has reached the stopping point, if everyone is fine (breath/legs), if everyone has enough food and water, etc. Everyone should be careful with each other.

Take care of your body:

Wear comfortable shoes (boots that protect the ankles are preferable), adjust the backpack well to your body and its appropriate weight, as this is also part of safety, since they prevent pain and injuries – which in turn time, they can become a problem, case of origin in very isolated places.


  • Always carry an extra fleece in summer.
  • The rain coat, as it protects from air and water.
  • Water something fundamental in summer.
  • A GPS, not a mobile, with a battery if you don’t know the route well (in this article we talk about several models).
  • Appropriate mountain footwear, not just any sneakers.
  • Sunglasses, the reflection of the snow or the sun are two things to avoid.
  • Sunscreen. In the mountains the sun is more harmful and you are more exposed, protect yourself!.
  • Camping material if you are going to spend the night.

We cannot forget to bring a bag for all our waste, so that no one notices that we have passed through there.

The female presence in adventure sports is increasingly notable, and they have come to stay!

Hiking groups around the Uk:

Black Girls Hike, is an adventure group for Black and mixed race women.

The Wanderlust Women, Muslim women, Founded by Amira Patel.

Boot Women is a LBGTQ+ women’s walking group based in Birmingham

Wild Women is a ‘hike to help’ group dedicated to raising awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery in the UK. Founded by Jenny Hopkins, the group works with anti-slavery charity Unseen.

Glamoraks is a global community of women.


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