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Turn on: The unique voice from Antarctica

Eliana Baraldo, Julia Morena, Yanina Galeano, and Tamara Milan: Base Esperanza – Radio Station.

“La Base Esperanza”, located in the Argentine Antarctica, is one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. It serves as a military base and is unique in that it accommodates families, making it one of the toughest places for human habitation.

The buildings, vehicles, and ships at the base are typically painted in red-orange hues to stand out against the snowfall and the prolonged polar winter, which lasts for 6 months and sees temperatures drop as low as -60 °C, with certain areas reaching around -82 °C, depending on the location.

With a population of 59 individuals, including civilians, scientists, and military personnel, Esperanza Base is situated on the Argentine portion of the Antarctic continent. It is home to the radio station, Arcángel San Gabriel, where Eliana Baraldo, Julia Morena, Yanina Galeano, and Tamara Milan share updates on the activities taking place at the base.

Through their work, the team at the radio station helps foster a sense of community by connecting with residents and establishing links with neighboring stations. The broadcasts provide a lifeline for those living in isolation, sharing daily events, special occasions like National Book Day, and the stories of the pioneers, scientists, and explorers who first set foot in this challenging environment.

For those of us who are far away, tuning in to their podcasts allows us to stay connected and informed about life at Esperanza Base.


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