“Taniperla”, Protects indigenous people and brings their cuisine to life.

Pumpkin seeds, epazote and chili powder...

“Taniperla Collective”. Delicious family meal, with ingredients around the Jungle, where the workforce is made up mostly of indigenous people.

alt= Taniperla Collectiva, Maria Cook. Mexico
Ana, (on the left) is part of the collective and also a traditional cook. In the photo she shares a Lacandon soup with her mother.

Taniperla, is a town in eastern Chiapas within the municipality of Ocosingo, a community that is part of the Montes Azules Re serve, It is also the place of origin of the “Taniperla Collective”

Made up of Ana, the cook, along with her three Tzeltal siblings, in 2018 They opened their first restaurant in San Cristóbal de las Casas.
The Collective opened Taniperla, a place that strives to provide fair conditions for its workers and uphold the ideals of respect, inclusion, and empowerment of the indigenous communities with which they work and to which they belong.

From the beginning, they created rules that prevent mistreatment, harassment and promote respect for others, both workers and diners.

Taniperla’s food.

The menu revolves around the jungle, the recipes they grew up with and many others that are inspired by the towns around the Lacandona Jungle.

The incredibly tasty dishes from the Indigenous collective.

An example is the Sopa Taniperla, a mezcal of boiled pozol with pumpkin seeds, epazote and chili powder served with two hard-boiled eggs.

The empanadas and quesadillas stand out for using plantain and sweet potato dough, a custom of the communities that tend to adapt to different ingredients in seasons when corn does not grow well.


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