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“In my native Ghana, female sexuality is invisible”.

Nana Da rkoa Sekyiamah, Author of ‘The Sex Lives of African Women’

After spending a beach vacation in 2009 with a group of African women, she found they could talk honestly and intimately about sex, sexuality and diversity.

When she got home she felt that she had to find a space where she could talk to other African women in an open way, without fear of being judged, in an open dialogue.
In 2009, when she co-founded the award-winning blog Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women with fellow Ghanaian writer Malaka Grant Sekyiamah, a place to write about the sex lives of non fiction debut, The Sex Lives of African Women, which arrived in the U.S.

The book has also served her to narrate her own sexual and relationship history and describes how she came into her queer identity, but it’s also a collection of stories from African-identifying women around the world and to encompass all the different voices.

In the hope that African and Afro-descendant women find freedoms within their own contexts rather than looking at Western ones.

In her native Ghana, female sexuality is invisible, is a consequence, in part, of the religious context. “Society has a very heteronormative view because that is what religious leaders preach and practically everyone is religious. Sekyiamah, who is openly bisexual, tries to break stereotypes not only with her blog, but also in her work environment, as she works at the Association for Women’s Rights and Development AWID, an organization present in 16 countries that works to achieve gender justice and the human rights of women around the world.

Sekyiamah believes that there is a need to continue to improve the situation of women and the LGTBI community in Ghana and in Africa.



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