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Chrishon Lampley: “Her efforts to create something new, while inspiring those around her to do the same”

What success in the eyes of Chrishon Lampley looks like today is being fearless in her efforts to create something new while inspiring those around her to do the same.

Lampley’s wine and lifestyle brand which has been featured on Forbes, People Magazine, Wine Enthusiast, and the Food Network launched in December of 2013 after a dark period in her life. Her story comes from a tragic situation that ultimately led her to keep fighting to create something even better.

“After experiencing a terrible flood in the bar, I lost everything”.

Lampley worked as a co-owner of a wine and art bar and the business was passed down to her or if this was a passion project, she said “I decided that my heart is still beating. I had a love for wine and launched Love Cork Screw. She went on to say “and it’s interesting because it found me. After experiencing darkness, I tapped into what came natural for me. It was wine”.

“They would mistaken me as the promotional girl and not the owner”.

When asked what her advice is to people wanting to start out in this industry, she says “Be like Nike. Just do it! I know that sounds so simple and easier than the work, but I think We spend so much time planning that we forget to execute.

Start with educating yourself about wine. Take a sommelier class to become familiar. This industry has multiple moving parts, and it takes sincere interest to keep pushing forward”.

“We spend so much time planning that we forget to execute”.

You can find Love Cork Screw brand in over 300 locations including Target, World Market, and Whole Foods, among many others. Her lifestyle brand, along with her delicious and unique wine selections, also features apparel, candles and body butter, virtual wine tastings, a wine club and a cookbook called Your Guide to Tasteful Manners With Love Cork Screw.

“My community has been the most supportive!

I think we can all agree Chrishon came out on top and created something even more inspiring for her and the community around her. “My community has been the most supportive! Chicago’s Love Cork Screw supporters are amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better group.”

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McBride Sisters, they launched Black Girl Magic as a celebratory wine brand.

Regine T. Rousseau, is an educator, certified sommelier, dynamic media personality, writer, motivational speaker, lifestyle adviser, and entrepreneur. For the past ten years she has grown her company, Shall We Wine

Photography : Love Cork Screw

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