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Women and Their Love Life: Do We Have Deadlines for Getting Married?

I am one of those few women who believe taking one’s time before diving into a lifelong relationship is okay. Once I get married, I know there’s no turning back. Either I get a divorce if I can’t cope, or I wallow miserably in the marriage. To me, getting married is like tossing a coin. You either get a head or a tail.

Hear My Story

My parents visit my mini cottage down the alley to their apartment on Wednesdays. They check on me every Wednesday, my only free day at work. It was another D-Day, and they were at my cottage as expected. I was about to listen to dad’s favorite channel when my mom cut in.

Of course, I knew my parents would never stop coming to my house because of that subject. All they expected from me, their 27-year-old daughter, was to introduce them to a fiancé or perhaps a promising boyfriend. “Well, too bad. I don’t have good news for these old partners,” I said.

Since I turned twenty, I’ve given up on dating after two guys broke my heart. I don’t fancy the boyfriend stuff anymore. “I don’t do boys. I have a lot of things to think about,” I always told my friends.

I also have the right to set my priorities and get married when I’m super-ready, just like every man should. So, why the rush? It’s not like there’s a deadline for marriage. Or is there? Even science doesn’t spell out a particular age for women to get married. We all dwell on mere speculations.

I’m a computer scientist currently working in a small lab. By 30, I picture myself working in a big company, probably Microsoft. I don’t plan to waylay my dream because of marriage. It’s alright to marry in my thirties or even early forties. I have a role model who got away with just that. Guess who?

Meet Kamala Harris

Kamala Devi Harris is a woman I have always looked up to ever since I learned to live an independent life. Even though I’m not pursuing the same career goals as her, I still feel we have a connection. 

58-year-old Kamala, also the current vice president of the US, is obviously into politics. I have always admired that Kamala didn’t put marriage before her career. She remained single while she handled many political offices.

Some traditions and cultures have always demanded women marry as early as possible. Some claim that early marriage aids women’s procreation. I don’t think this is exclusively right, anyway. You might marry early and still have issues with conceiving a child. It happens. Just tell me if I am wrong.

Kamala found her soulmate after accomplishing almost all her political dreams. At 49, Kamala walked down the aisle with Doug Emhoff, an entertainment lawyer. 

Kamala’s love life is practical evidence that marriage for women has no deadline. Isn’t it? The comments section is open; share your thoughts.

Final Thoughts

Women shouldn’t be limited to achieving specific goals before getting married. We shouldn’t be products of the barriers society set before us.

I’m sure Kamala would have faced a series of oppositions and even rejections during her singlehood. However, she doesn’t let her weakness define her and forges ahead till she wades through life’s biggest challenges. Kamala overcame her hurdles. So, what’s stopping you from taking that bold step?

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