alt= female mannequins, shop window

The aggressive new ordinance of the Taliban against women.

New Abuses Against Afghan Women, Girls, from Taliban.

Kabul’s women’s clothing windows have become a new target for the Taliban and a reflection of the tremendous repression suffered by women in Afghanistan.From now on, stores that have female mannequins will not be able to display their heads or at best, with their faces covered. Traders may use fabrics, papers or plastic bags… Any element is valid to comply with the latest order of the Taliban regime.

The owners of the shops have had no choice but to comply with the ordinance in order to continue with their establishments open.

alt= Women with children wearing the burka. Afghan women

The Ministry of Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, as the institution that filed the ordinance is called, continues with its plan to minimize the presence of women on the streets of the country. In addition to the symbolism of the mannequins, other regulations have been imposed that severely curtail the rights of women in the country. This regulation comes after depriving all women over 12 years of age of education, in addition they also have closed the doors of secondary schools and universities. As is reflected in the work of the photojournalist Ebrahim Noroozi.

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