Alt= Yoga in Morocco, Desert Women Summit

The adventure in the desert of Morocco: Desert Women Summit

An immersive adventure in the heart of the desert.

An immersive wellness adventure for women in the desert of Morocco.

alt=Desert Women Summit, a group of women in route with camel in the desert of morocco

A gathering of women full of fun, movement, camaraderie and adventure. A participatory wellness experience. A challenge for the mind, body and spirit that no one can miss.

A total of 4 days in which a group of more than 150 women from different generations and origins had the opportunity to generate real connections, delve into greater self-awareness and weave strong bonds between us.

Discovering spectacular landscapes and accommodation, practicing yoga and meditation sessions, playing sports, eating healthy, learning in the heart of desert, but it is also 4 days of solidarity, twinning, complicity and alliances between women.

Photos: Marta Parera

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