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Shakira vents in a new hard heartbreak song.

How does Shakira deal with her heartbreak?

With the break with Gerard Piqué after 12 years of relationship, Shakira found her great moment of inspiration, the lyrics of her songs have been the best way to openly talk about her feelings and heartbreak and why not, as her song says, do it too profitable. Right now Shakira and Bizarrap’s song breaks records on YouTube: 33million views in 24 hours.

It is about singing the truths in the rawest way possible, something that has excited many women and not a few men.

In the face of disappointment, breakup or loving abandonment, it is inevitable to go through phases of sadness, despair, impotence… Le Gist talked with experts about.

The dreams, the illusions, are broken for one part or another of the couple and generally begin an ordeal, the duration of which depends on each person affected, which goes through several phases:

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Pleading phase.

The first reaction may be to cry and implore your love. You don’t lose your dignity by telling someone you love them, but you do when they’re telling you they don’t love you and you keep insisting as if you had no courage, as if you were never going to have another chance to find someone in your life. someone who deserves

Reasoning phase.

In it, the spiteful person, who does not understand how everything worked well and suddenly everything falls apart, tries through reasoning to make the other party see that they have made a mistake, that they will not find anyone the same, that everything is worth it. shame for the time invested and that there is a possibility of correcting what it does not offer.

Madness phase.

in which you go from love to hate. It is verbalized that they do not want to know anything about the other, but contradictorily they look for messages, calls or some indication that their ex may have reconsidered and come back.

Adaptation phase.

Little by little, life is ordered. Like any loss process, one begins to fit into this new phase of his life. He begins to normalize his routine, sleeps better, works as usual, interacts with his friends, his ex is no longer the protagonist of all conversations and he begins to be excited.

Indifference phase.

You are already prepared to live without the presence of your ex, you don’t remember it, and it has finally passed into the background. This does not mean that if you meet him on the street your heart will not turn over or reawaken the good and bad memories, but in general he lives oblivious to his breakup. There is no longer heartbreak, but a period in which you open up and feel safe.

And what better way to deal with a divorce… her song Shakira dn BZRP.

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