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Audelia M.: An award-winning entrepreneur who helps new moms.

Audelia Martinez is an award-winning entrepreneur who began serving her community and inspiring women.

She reach the top without forgetting her owns, honoured by the United States House of Representatives Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

Audelia Martinez, CFO, COO, Leader, Role Model & Advocate.

Facing barriers as a female and as a Hispanic, in a family which struggled financially, this advocate, leader, and role model has taken her low-income beginnings to create a high-outcome future for others.

She is an entrepreneurial woman who began serving her community the southern most part of South Miami Dade County in the Homestead/Florida city area – 30 years ago. I am a tireless advocate for the most vulnerable children and families, both in and outside of my job

I was instrumental in securing a grant for parenting curriculums and I was further instrumental in implementing a Prenatal Academy for pregnant women and new mothers. This Prenatal Academy connects women to ongoing prenatal and postnatal care, provides information and resources, and helps establish a support group among pregnant women and new mothers.’

All this from a humble beginning. “My family and I were migrant farmworkers in my childhood years. We ploughed, planted, and picked many crops. As a young girl, education was emphasised, but I worked alongside my parents and siblings in the fields both after school and during summers. This was where my passion for helping originated,” she says.

“My parents instilled in me the values of helping those with less”.

She was honoured by the United States House of Representatives Debbie Mucarsel-Powell , as a leader in community service.

“My community has always been a source of strength to me and I am passionate about giving back to this community.”

For Audelia, the future is filled with several plans and solutions to help families in 2021 and those affected by the pandemic. Communal support has been vital to me. I know how difficult it is, believe me, I know.

“Take one step at a time and know there is always hope.”


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