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Bombarda: The street to get lost

Currently, Rua Miguel Bombarda is one of the cultural arteries of recent times, bringing together decades of art galleries that, on the first Saturday of each month, simultaneously inaugurate their new exhibitions, attracting crowds of art lovers, investors, artists, followers . of alternative lifestyles and many curious people. The street also has restaurants, bookstores and various shops: retro-cool furniture, alternative decoration, design, music, etc.

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TheBenedetta Grasso Graffiti, stickers, mosaics and even wool art. And its art galleries and exhibition spaces, which host the so-called national and, sometimes, international contemporary creation from traditional to avant-garde art.

The spaces for haunted people are Fernando Santos, Presença, or Quadrado Azul, Collectiva, Tilsitt Gallery, Aguas Furtadas but our favorite is O! Gallery. This place presents the best Portuguese illustration, with something from here and there, chosen with refined taste and sold at fair and equal prices.


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