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Featuring Muuhlloa

A pioneering brand, founded by an association of five women and with the aim of being “The first cosmetic made with cow’s milk”.

• Describe your company in three words.

– Ecology, sustainability and cooperation.

How would you describe your company? Why did you start your company?

– As an innovative cosmetics company, because we were the first to create a product using fresh ecological cow’s milk. Moreover, the company was founded thanks to the collective effort of five women from the county of Ulloa. We were looking for a way to add value to our raw materials after working in agriculture for 20 years.

What was the inspiration behind your company?

– One rainy winter afternoon, we all got together and we came up with the idea of bringing together our knowledge and our products to create an innovative, ecological and locally-sourced line of cosmetics.

Never give up hope, and if they’ve got a good idea they should pursue it.

Could you describe your journey to becoming businesswomen?

-We didn’t have any other option, being businesswomen was the only way that we could dedicate ourselves to what we really loved. “Both Granxa Maruxa and Milhulloa” are family estates, which subsequently transformed themselves into pioneers in their respective sectors. Later on, we decided to join forces to continue supporting traditional rural life as “Muuhlloa”.

What is the best thing about being businesswomen?

– Being the ones who make our own decisions.

What is the worst thing about being businesswomen?

– The lack of support from the state and and financial institutions in Spain.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

– Never give up hope, and if they’ve got a good idea they should pursue it.

What have been the main secrets to your success so far?

– Quality raw materials, perseverance, innovation and a belief in our project.

What obstacles have you overcome so far?

– Without a doubt, getting financial backing has been the most significant obstacle.

Apart from COVID-19, what has been your greatest challenge?

– The lack of support from state institutions.

What does the future hold for you?

– We will continue designing new products, and making our dreams come true.


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